Prepare Your Property for the Market

Never underestimate the power of a first impression! Step into the purchaser’s shoes, try to visualise what they see when they enter your property :

1. Check Curb Appeal
Most purchasers drive by the intended property before making an appointment to view. So keep front pathways cleared, mow the lawn regularly, tidy up flower beds, plant some pots and group together, trim hedges, paint gate.

2. De-Personalize
Pack up those personal photographs and family heirlooms. Buyers can’t see past personal artefacts, and you don’t want them to be distracted. You want buyers to imagine their own photos on the walls!

3. De-Clutter
We all have a tendency to collect …. If you don’t need it, why not donate or recycle? Pack up those knickknacks, clean off everything on kitchen and bathroom counters. Think of this process as a head-start on the packing you will eventually need to do anyway. Leave just enough furniture in each room to showcase the room’s purpose.

4. Do Minor Repairs
If there are any small holes in walls, doors that don’t close properly, cracked tiles, loose skirting, fix them now. Fix a leaking tap. Consider painting your walls neutral colours beige/cream/white, especially if you have grown accustomed to strong or dark colours.

5. Make the House Sparkle!
It may sound obvious but purchasers take notice of clean, well presented houses. Wash windows, rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and exterior if needs be, deep clean bathroom especially around showers and grouting of tiles, vacuum, dust, throw away worn rugs, hang up fresh towels, air out musty smelling areas. Attractive smells are very appealing Place fresh flowers in a room they will smell good and brighten up the room. If possible leave a window open for ventilation. Make sure there are no unpleasant smells in any of the rooms from dogs, bins, tobacco or otherwise. Make sure bins are closed.